Interactive Transcript

Description: A blue circle has pairs of arching pairs inside. Underneath, DO-IT.
[ music ]
Description: Words appear in a white box: World Wide Access.
You want these people.
They order your products
sign up for your services,
enroll in your classes,
read your opinions,
and watch your videos.
You'll never see them,
but they know you—
through your website.

Or maybe not.

Your website's visitors aren't a faceless mass of identical mouse-clickers, but a vibrant community of individuals with varying tastes, styles, and abilities. This includes people with disabilities.

Description: Terrill Thompson, Technology Accessibility Specialist

[Terrill] It's important for web designers and developers to realize that what they see currently on their computer, at their resolution, with their browser and their operating system is not going to be necessarily the same thing that everybody else sees.